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Unlockable weapons[]

For some weapons to spawn, the player needs to unlock them first. Weapons can be unlocked by completing chapters. The score obtained from the chapter goes towards unlocking the next weapon. A new weapon is unlocked every 50,000 points until a total of 800,000 points is reached, upon which the final unlockable weapon is unlocked. Weapons are unlocked in the following order:

  1. Katana
  2. Glass Bottle
  3. Magnum
  4. Machete
  5. Beer Can
  6. Skorpion
  7. Hammer
  8. Brick
  9. Uzi
  10. Sledgehammer
  11. Ninja Star
  12. Dart
  13. MP5
  14. Fireaxe
  15. Scissors
  16. Silenced Pistol

In Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Weapon Unlocks only available to four sets of characters: The Soldier, The Fans, The Son and Jake.

The Soldier starts out with a machine gun and a shotgun, but can unlock these weapons:

  1. Heavy Machine Gun (Big & Heavy)
  2. Sniper Rifle
  3. Flamethrower

The Fans do not unlock weapons, rather, they unlock new characters with unique weapons.

  1. Gloved Fists (Tony)
  2. Chainsaw and 9mm (Alex and Ash)
  3. Dual MP5s (Mark)

The Son unlocks perks which grant new weapons:

  1. Katana (Bodyguard)
  2. Knuckle Dusters (Dirty Hands)
  3. Dual MP5s (Bloodline)

Jake unlocks masks which grant new weapons:

  1. Nail Gun (Irvin Mask)
  2. Nunchaku (Dallas Mask)

Melee Weapons[]


All melee weapons, with the exception of the drill, trophy and briefcase, are one hit melee kills. Because of this, the best melee weapons are those that strike fast with a decent range. The knife is unique in that it is the only weapon that can function as a lethal melee and thrown weapon.

Melee Weapons:



The firearms of the Hotline Miami series are very powerful. Usually, firearms will kill in a single shot; only occasionally will the player or an enemy survive more than one shot. Firearms cannot be reloaded (with the exception of Beard's weapons), so if a gun runs out of ammunition, its only remaining attack is to be thrown to knock down enemies.


Thrown Weapons[]


Thrown weapons do not have any melee attack but many will kill upon hit and some have their own execution animations, some will only knock down an enemy rather than kill. Some thrown weapons can only be used once before being lost or broken.

Thrown Weapons:

  • Ninja Star (Hotline Miami weapon)
  • Beer Can (Hotline Miami weapon)
  • Dart (Hotline Miami weapon)
  • Hammer (both games, used as a melee weapon in Hotline Miami 2)
  • Brick (Hotline Miami weapon)
  • Scissors (Hotline Miami weapon)
  • Pot with Water (both games, seen in Level Editor - converts to Pot upon use)
  • Glass Bottle (both games, used as a melee weapon in Hotline Miami 2)
  • Throwing Knife (both games, seen in Level Editor - Exclusive to Biker in Hotline Miami 2)
  • Acid (Hotline Miami 2 Weapon)

Beta Weapons[]

Weapons that, at one point of time were available to use, all weapons on this list, are weapons that were present in files, or prototypes:

Beta Weapons:

Unusable Weapons[]

Weapons that could be seen in the two games, but were not usable, in other words, background/prop weapons.

Unusable Weapons:

Related Achievements[]

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Weapons in Hotline Miami
Melee Knife · Baseball Bat · Lead Pipe · Golf Club · Crowbar · Pool Cue · Frying Pan · Pot · Machete · Hammer · Sledgehammer · Fireaxe · Katana

Briefcase · Drill · Baton · Trophy · Cleaver

Handguns Silenced Pistol · Magnum
Sub Machine Guns Uzi · MP5 · Skorpion

Silenced Uzi

Shotguns Double Barrel · Shotgun
Assault Rifles M16
Thrown Glass Bottle · Beer Can · Brick · Dart · Ninja Star · Scissors

Throwing Knife

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Weapons in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
Melee Baseball Bat · Butterfly Knife · Golf Club · Lead Pipe · Chainlink · Machete · Fire Axe · Big Pipe · Katana ·

Hammer · Chainsaw · Baton · Taser · Glass Bottle · Drill · Cleaver · Toothbrush · Glass Shiv · Skateboard · Pot

Handguns 9mm · Magnum · Silenced Heavy Pistol ·

Nail Gun

Sub Machine Guns Uzi · MP5 · Mendoza · FAMAE ·

Silenced Uzi

Shotguns Double Barrel · Shotgun
Rifles and Machine Guns M16 · Kalashnikov ·

Heavy Machine Gun

Special Weapons Sniper Rifle · Flamethrower
Unusable Knife · Silenced Pistol · Skorpion · Silenced Uzi · Pistol · Crossbow
Beta Frying Pan · Scissors · Brick · Pool Cue · Dart · Ninja Star
Throwable Only Acid · Throwing Knife
Chapter Exclusive Weapons Legends Police Exclusive · Martin Brown Exclusive · The Fans Exclusive · Jake Exclusive · Soldier Exclusive · Carl Mask Exclusive · Richter Exclusive · Biker Exclusive · Henchman Exclusive · Jacket Exclusive


  • The Drill, Pot, and Silenced Uzi (which are slated to Return in the "Level Editor" Patch ) along with the Combat Knife are not required for the A BOX FULL OF SHARP OBJECTS.