Waiters are rare enemies encountered in Hotline Miami. Waiters can only be found in Clean Hit. Before sighting the player, they will walk around with a tray of food and appear quite passive. Once under attack or seeing a player, they will pull out an Uzi and attempt to kill the player. While attacking, waiters will not move from their location and will simply cover the last seen location of the player.

Waiters cannot absorb any more damage than a mobster can and therefore can be killed with ease using any firearm. However, due to the high fire rate of Uzis, it is recommended that the player run from cover to cover, shooting while running around to avoid the uzi fire.

Waiters only ever use the Uzi.


  • Waiters cannot be hit with melee or thrown weapons, including punching with the Tony Mask, spawning with the Dennis Mask's knife, and throwing with the Jake Mask, making them vulnerable to only gunfire.
  • The appearance of the Waiter is similar to the original mobster design in earlier builds of Hotline Miami.
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