The Tutorial is the opening gameplay section of Hotline Miami. In it, Bum instructs the player on the game's basic mechanics. The section also marks the first appearance of Jacket in the series.

Dialogue Edit

[Bum stands behind two mobsters and stacks of garbage. He begins talking to Jacket]

Bum: I'm here to tell you how to kill people. This game is controlled with your WASD-keys and mouse. Press the Left Mouse Button to punch. Aim for the face! Once you've knocked someone out you have to finish him! To do this you press Space. You got it? Are you sure? Left Mouse Button to punch! Space to finish! Do you understand me? Don't mess this up!

[Jacket kills one of the two Mobsters in front of him. The camera pans to a red-lit tile room on the right containing a Bat.]

Bum: Alright, now you should try killing the next guy. But use the bat in the Red Room over there, OK? Press the Right Mouse Button when next to it to take it. Then you press the Left Mouse Button to swing it! Did that get through your thick skull? Did it? Right Mouse to pick up! Left Mouse to swing it! Are you even listening? Well get to it then!

[Jacket kills another of the Mobsters. The camera pans to a blue-lit tile room on the left containing a Shotgun]

Bum: Well done! So let's get to the guns, shall we? You go and get the shotgun in the Blue Room. You do it the same way you picked up the bat... Just press the Right Mouse Button, can you handle that? Use the Shift Button to look for enemies out of view! It is very useful for not getting yourself killed! You can press the Scroll Wheel to lock on to enemies. Just make sure to place your Crosshair over them first! Right mouse button to grab! Shift to look! Left Mouse Button to shoot! Scroll Wheel to lock on! Now go ahead and kill the guy in the Yellow Room!

[Jacket kills the third and final Mobster. The camera pans to the yellow-lit tile room.]

Bum: Alright, that about sums up the basics. However... There's always more tricks to learn! You can throw any weapon you pick up... By pressing your Right Mouse Button. You can use Doors to knock enemies over. Guns are very loud, and will alert your foes. So plan your moves and use melee weapons when you can. Goddamn it, you'll just get yourself killed anyway... Won't you? ...

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