The Janitors are two mysterious men linked to the phone calls received by Jacket and other operators of the nationalist group 50 Blessings. They are the main antagonists of Hotline Miami and return as minor characters in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. They also serve as the main antagonists to Richter's storyline, although Richter is unaware of this.

Appearance Edit

In Hotline Miami, both of them wear green suits and caps as their uniforms, while Dennis has blonde hair of medium length, blue eyes, and a piercing in his nose. Jonatan has short brown hair, blue eyes, a mustache and a goatee, and appears to also have stubble.

In Hotline Miami 2, they both no longer wear their uniforms, but civil clothing, and have both grown their beards (especially Dennis, who now has a full beard and dyed brown hair), perhaps to avoid being recognised. In Release, Dennis is carrying a large bag, and Jonatan has a backpack.

In both games, they have suspicious grins on their faces (perhaps implying knowledge about the outcome of the series) which only cease after Biker correctly guesses their Computers' password, and their eyes are partially hidden under their hats.

Hotline MiamiEdit

The Janitors are first introduced on May 13th, 1989, overseeing Jacket's assassination of mob affiliated pro-RAC politicians in Clean Hit after Biker apparently rejected the job. They are revealed later to Biker on May 24th during Resolution to be the men leaving the mysterious phone calls on the answering machines of 50 Blessings' masked operators. They are in fact members of the nationalist group, which aims at taking out Russian organized crime out of Miami in hopes of playing up Americans' distaste for Russians and breaking the Russo-American coalition. They will simply laugh at his ignorance if the puzzle was not completed and their computer not accessed, claiming to have organized the slaughters for their own fun. However if their password was cracked, Biker discovers their plan before confronting them, surprising them both. The Janitors will then state that they are just the "tip of the iceberg" and that there are 50 Blessings operations all over the United States. When the dialogue is over, their fate is left in Biker's hands as he can choose to slaughter them in or simply leave for good. Regardless, their nation wide scope and connections cause Biker to flee Miami to angle his next move from the desert.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong NumberEdit

The Janitors reappear a year later in Release, where they visit Richter in jail who doesn't remember them. They say that they came to tie loose ends and wanted to see him one last time, and leave before Richter is confronted by a murderous prisoner (bearing a "50" tattoo) and eventually a riot. They have also changed their look by dyeing their hair and growing their beards, and wear regular clothes instead of their janitor suits.

The Janitors' dialogue is a continued fourth wall break about the nature of the sequel, explaining that they're "tying up some loose ends" and that it "seems like it wasn't really necessary" and that "we didn't expect you to [understand]" but that "you'll figure it out."


  • The Janitors are both based on the game's creators - Jonatan Söderström (brown hair) and Dennis Wedin (blonde hair).
  • The only occasion The Janitors are seen not grinning is on the secret ending conversation of Resolution.
    • The non-secret ending conversation features both Janitors breaking the fourth wall about Hotline Miami being a game. For example, the line "We're independent, we did it all ourselves!" references the game's indie roots.
    • If you choose to kill the Janitors, the blonde one will always be the first to die.

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