Ivan Lebedev (Иван Лебедев), also known as the Old Man or The Grandfather, is a character found in the chapter Showdown in Hotline Miami, and the patriarch of the local Russian Mafia. After killing The Father and The Bodyguard, the telephone on the boss's desk rings. The man on the line complains about all of the racket, and angrily hangs up when he does not get an answer. Jacket then takes the elevator up to the room with Ivan Lebedev, revealed to be the caller. 

Lebedev asks what business Jacket has there, but he cuts himself off and explains "I've done so many horrible things... Nothing seems to matter any more, does it?" He gives permission to Jacket to "Just go ahead and do whatever you came here to do." Jacket shoots him in the head, steps into the balcony, lights a cigarette and tosses the Polaroid over the edge as the credits roll.


[IL: Ivan Lebedev]

[Ivan Lebedev on the phone]

IL: Hello...? Hello!?...

IL: What's going on down there? I'm trying to sleep!

IL: Is there anyone there? Can you hear me? Hello?

IL: Goddamn phones! I fucking hate these things!

[Hangs up]

[Jacket approaches]

IL: Ah, so you're the one causing the ruckus?

IL: What's your business here? ... *cough*

IL: Actually... Why don't we skip the details?

IL: I've done so many horrible things...

IL: Nothing seems to really matter anymore, does it?

IL: I'm not going anywhere, as you can see...
Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 10.47.43 PM

Ivan being confronted by Jacket

IL: Just go ahead and do whatever you came here to do.

[Jacket shoots him in the head. Game ends.]

Trivia Edit

  • The Grandfather's name is revealed to be Ivan Lebedev in the first issue of the Hotline Miami 2 digital comic.
  • Ivan Lebedev appears in front of The Son as a hallucination in Hotline Miami 2.
  • Ivan Lebedev appears to have been based on Marlon Brando's appearence in the 1971 crime film The Godfather.
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