The Club Manager is a minor character in Hotline Miami. The Club Manager manages the Russian Mafia-owned nightclub in Vengeance.

Background Edit

The Club Manager is encountered in the third stage of the chapter in an office surrounded by armed enemies. After dispatching the enemies, Jacket is able to confront him. The Manager does not attack Jacket, though there is a revolver visible in his open desk drawer. Instead he surrenders immediately, offering Jacket the contents of the open safe in the office. He explains that he wants no trouble from Jacket, and that he is not the owner of the club and therefore not the man Jacket seeks.

Intimidated by Jacket, he stumbles and fall to the floor in fear, eventually revealing the location of the the Russian Mafia's boss. Jacket then brutally beats him to death, crushing his skull.

Trivia Edit

  • Though his only line is insisting he isn't the owner, his assets are all labeled ClubOwner.
  • In the game files, The Club Manager is labelled as a boss despite having no form of boss fight at all like the others have.

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