The SWAT Chief is character and an antagonist featured in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, where he is a minor boss that appears in Act 1, scene 4, Final Cut.

His facial sprite shows up again in Death Wish, used on a real SWAT Chief furious that Pardo has stolen his operation for his own personal fame. It's possible the two are one and the same and that the SWAT Chief was cast in Midnight Animal as part of a realism gimmick. The cop facial sprite that berated Pardo at the end of Dead Ahead for stealing that operation for personal fame similarly shows up in Final Cut as the Pig Butcher's arresting officer.

The SWAT Chief serves as the main antagonist of Martin Brown's storyline.

Pattern Edit

Upon entering the final area of the level, he will be seen speaking to Rachael Ward with several cops inside guarding her. He will lock the door and say "Stay in here and you'll be safe! I'm gonna go see what's going on. Don't open the door until I get back! No matter what!"

Upon finishing the dialogue, the SWAT Chief will begin to relentlessly patrol the entire area. His movement pattern consists of moving quickly from the main corridors parallel to each other, stopping at several corners and peeking out with his dual-wielded magnums pointed around the corner. Upon reaching the end of his patrolling area, he will perform a commando roll (similar to Corey's signature roll) into the next corridor and repeat his patrol pattern.

Upon spotting Martin Brown, he will pursue him whilst rapidly shooting at him with his magnums which proves to be very deadly, being capable of killing the player quickly if they're not fast enough to find cover. The SWAT Chief will not stop chasing after the player until he is dead.

The way to kill the SWAT Chief is by knocking him down with either gunfire or hitting him with a melee weapon. Upon being knocked over, Martin can then finish the now defenseless police officer with a grisly ground-execution, in which Martin rips his head off and pulls his spine out with his bare hands. It is advised to clear any enemies nearby before performing this execution, as it takes a long time to proceed, leaving the player vulnerable. Once the SWAT Chief is killed, he will drop the keys to the room where Rachael is being guarded, which will gain the player access to beating the level until every enemy is killed. However, the player won't be able to pick up his magnums once he is killed.

Appearance Edit

The SWAT Chief appears to be that of a middle-aged man with tanned skin and a blonde beard. He sports a typical SWAT Cap which covers up his eyes, along with an aqua blue Kevlar-vest with a short-sleeved navy blue shirt underneath and dark green trousers.

Trivia Edit

  • Martin's execution on the SWAT Chief is a reference to Mortal Kombat's Spine Rip Fatality.
  • He may be a direct reference to the Police Chief in the original Hotline Miami, as he wields two weapons at the same time, and is ultimately killed by the player character.
  • Manny Pardo stealing an operation from him for media notoriety may be a reference to the hostage situation in 1987's Robocop, where Robocop single handedly deals with the recently fired city official gunman and steals media attention away from the SWAT chief.
    • The gunman is unemployed and trying to get his old job back, analogous to Tony's being unemployed and trying to recreate the Hawaiian warzone.
    • The SWAT chief later leads a barricade that opens fire on Robocop after he exits OCP, analogous to Manny's death in Caught.

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