The Russian General is a minor character briefly seen in the Casualties scene of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He is the main antagonist of Beard's missions, shown operating out of a power plant in the volcanic region of Hawaii on October 30th, 1985.

Events of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Edit

The Russian General appears to be the commander of the Soviet forces Beard's Unit has faced up to that point. He personally oversees the war in Hawaii from a large and extremely well fortified Power Plant. Much like his American counterpart, the Russian General appears to be losing his sanity and grip on reality as the war progresses.

After Beard's Unit takes the plant, Beard meets up with Daniels, Jacket, and Barnes. Barnes is attempting to pick the lock on the door to the main control room of the plant. Daniels comments that the Russian leader has "completely lost it", and the camera pans to reveal the bullet-ridden corpses of the power plant engineers at their stations, with the Russian General putting the final round in his head.

He apparently intentionally sent the plant into meltdown to avoid being captured and to take the Americans out with him. An elevator explosion succeeds in mortally wounding Barnes, and the plant explosion likely kills Daniels as well.

To survive the meltdown, Beard must carry an injured Jacket through a series of catacombs in under 50 seconds. The left path is the way out of normal, inverted into the right path in Hard Mode.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Russian General may be a foreshadowing allusion to The Father, as both were Russian leaders of different causes and were both provoked into committing suicide, with Jacket being present in both suicides.
  • In Hard Mode, taking Jacket with you is completely optional and it's much faster to leave him.
  • The Russian General is the only Boss enemy in the series whose opening attack is a suicide.
    • If One looks at the pistol the General uses to commit suicide closely enough, one will see that it looks like the Desert Eagle the Father uses to commit suicide. It is not the Magnum because the outline of the pistol is a dark-light grey instead of a dark grey. However it uses the 9mm attack sound (whether this is an error or the General Pistol is supposed to be a chrome CZ75 or other Russian pistol is unknown).
  • Death from the plant meltdown is the same white out effect as seen in the nuke sequence in Apocalypse.
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