Richard is the default mask Jacket has access to at the beginning of Hotline Miami. Being that it is the first and only mask available from the beginning, it offers no benefits.


Richard wears, or rather is represented by, this mask.

A Richard-masked hobo squatting in 50 Blessings' bunker appears in Evan's bonus scene, the Abyss, where he asks Evan to not force them to do something they don't want to.


  • The mask's name likely comes from the fact that both "cock" (a rooster) and "dick" (a diminutive form of Richard) are slang words that mean "penis".
  • It could also be Jacket's real name, considering that most masks in Hotline Miami 1 & 2 have the masks named after the owners.
  • In the multiplayer first person shooter game 'PAYDAY 2', if the player plays as the character Jacket, his default mask will be a variant of the Richard Mask called "Richard Returns"
    • The original Richard mask is available to anyone who owns a copy of the original Hotline Miami.
    • "Richard Returns" and "Richard Returns Begins" ("Richard Returns" with a completely white texture) are only available to anyone who owns a copy of Hotline Miami 2 steam special edition (with Jacket, Jacket's Piece SMG and the Carpenter's Delight hammer)
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