The Pot is a unique melee weapon found on the second floor of Chapter 2, Overdose. When first picked up, the pot will be full of boiling water with steam coming off. An empty pot can be found on Chapter 4, Tension.

If the player executes an enemy with the full pot in hand, a unique kill animation will play, showing the player pouring the boiling water on the enemy's face. Once this execution is done the pot will empty and act as a normal melee weapon.

If the player chooses to attack normally with the pot full of water, the hot water will be sprayed out over a small area a few meters away. If an enemy is in the way of the spray, they will die to the water and will play the execution animation by themselves.


  • Throwing the water at a Thug used to cause him to suddenly turn into a Grunt and play the execution animation. Upon death, he will drop a crowbar. Once picked up, the crowbar will turn into a second pot, which can be thrown and used to execute and kill enemies normally. However this bug has since been corrected, attempting to throw boiling water at a Thug now will be completely ineffective.

Gallery Edit

  • Jacket wielding a pot. Note the steam.
  • Jacket executing a mobster with the pot.
  • And that kids, is why you shouldn't play with boiling water.
  • A dead Mobster as a result of the boiling water.
  • Jacket wielding the Pot in Hotline Miami 2.
  • Jacket wielding an empty Pot in Hotline Miami 2.
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