The Pool Cue is an uncommon melee weapon found only near pool tables in various chapters. Enemies will never spawn with the pool cue.

The pool cue is unique in that it has two states; broken and unbroken. While unbroken, it functions as a normal melee weapon but once the cue has been used to kill an enemy, it will break. The pool cue can be used on dogs and does not break it. The unbroken version has a semi-unique execution, in which Jacket lifts it up and slams it on the enemy's head, similar to the Sledgehammer/Fireaxe, however doing very little visible damage compared to the other two.

Broken version[edit | edit source]

The broken version of the cue can only be used to kill one regular enemy, but it can still be used to kill an unlimited amount of dogs. Although Jacket holds the broken cue like a thrown weapon, it cannot kill enemies by being thrown. The broken cue has a unique execution, in which Jacket forces the cue into the mobster's chest.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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