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Phil is a mask obtainable in Hotline Miami. The mask depicts a fish and when worn by Jacket all in-game dialogue is translated to French. However, the grammar and word order are incorrect, as the developers translated the dialogue, fittingly enough, through the Babelfish application.

In Hotline Miami 2's Level Editor, the mask gives no perks.


This mask may be found in Chapter 19, Resolution. It is lying in a box underground with a pile of non-interactable masks.


  • This mask is a reference to Phillipe Poisson, better known as Phil Fish, the French-Canadian game developer known for the indie game Fez.
    • It being found next to the developer self-insert Janitors in the extremely meta password-less ending is likely a gag about Dennaton being indie developers.
    • The mask is also a reference to the Babelfish translation app.
  • The New Mask screen is displayed after the credits, then closing it makes the credits play again.
  • When using this mask in Neighbor, Biker "You're dead meat !" line is simply replaced by "...". It is unknown why.