The Starry Sky selection screen of the editor. The blue lit buildings of the Miami skyline ebb and flow like waves.

The Level Editor is a feature in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

The level editor allows for the creation of custom levels and campaigns using assets from the main game. These levels are shareable though Steam Workshop with the caveat that they can be completed. Level Editor files have limited mod support and any 'mods' files bundled in them can also be shared through Steam Workshop.

The Beta started on December 10th, 2015, and received its first public update on December 23rd. A second public update was released on March 1st, 2016 with a hotfix on March 10th, 2016. On May 3rd, another public update incorporated Steam Workshop support, allowing players to upload and download new levels through Steam.

Steam users running Windows are able to access the latest release of the level editor by opting in to the editor_beta patch in the game's Steam properties box.

There is no guarantee that beta-created content will work in the final build, so users should be wary of the very real possibility that new updates will render their work obsolete.

Level Settings Edit

In the Level Settings the playable character can be selected as well as the music that will play on the level. It is also possible to set cosmetic effects to the level, such as rain and the background effect. The level borders may also be set to prevent the player from going outside the playable area. It is also now possible to add additional floors, requiring the use of a Floor Transitioner Trigger.

Characters Edit

The Level Editor features the following characters:

Jacket : The main protagonist of the first game is playable, alongside an updated sprite. However, his play-style differs slightly. Whilst still being able to use every mask from the previous game, many of the abilities had to be altered or even outright removed based on the fact that many of the masks abilities had no practical use in-game, or the mechanics they worked off of don't exist. Another absent feature is Jacket's ability to take hostages. Jacket can only fight Russian Mobsters, despite the fact that he also fought the police in the first game.

Biker : Biker also has an updated look, his play-style has been updated to allow him to kill thugs with his cleaver. He can only fight against Russian Mobsters.

The Butcher : Martin Brown. Whilst only being able to fight policemen, he also has a vehicle, a golf cart, which is never shown in the main game.

The Fans (Corey, Tony, Alex, Ash and Mark all collectively count as the character 'The Fans') : The Fans can fight against Russian Mobsters and gang members. Being a group of multiple playable characters, the editor allows for free choice, or restricting the player to a certain character. Their weapon range is the same across the board.

The Cop : Manny Pardo. His playstyle is similar to Jacket while wearing Richard, although much more skilled with guns, having a decent fire rate and the ability to pull off gun executions. He has a stomping execution when unarmed. He can fight against policemen, gang members, and Colombians.

The Cobra : Jake. Only able to fight russians. Able to choose between his three masks.

The Writer : Evan Wright. His playstyle is identical to the main story. he can fight Russians and gangsters, also gaining the ability to whack dogs. However, he can't stop thugs without killing them, which requires him to enter rage mode.

The Henchman

The Soldier : Beard. His playstyle is comparable to his main story counterpart. The player is able to choose between a Shotgun, Light Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, or Flamethrower when beginning a level. Each weapon comes with spare ammo, and can be swapped out for a bayonet knife by right clicking. Beard can only fight Soviet Soldiers.

The Rat : Richter. Unlike the first game, Richter does not start with a silenced uzi, leaving him as a "vanilla" character so to speak, with the exception that he is less adept at gunplay than Jacket. (This only applies to Richter's 50 Blessings outfit). He can only fight Russians..

The Son

The Hammer : A character exclusive to the editor.. He has a "vanilla" playstyle, which means no unique advantages or inconveniences. Although, he has the most diverse enemy sandbox, being able to fight Russians, Gang Members, Colombians, and Policemen, making Hammer a pretty open character.

Each character can only use weapons and fight enemies that they have sprites for (for example The Cop can only fight Gang Members, Colombians and Policemen). Some characters have the ability to select something affecting gameplay at the start of the level (usually a mask), the characters with this ability are:

Jacket (can select all Hotline Miami masks).

The Cobra (can select the following masks: Jake, Irvin and Dallas).

The Fans (can select any of the playable characters within the fans).

The Soldier (can select the following weapons: M16, Shotgun, Heavy Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle and Flamethrower).

The Son (can select the following playstyles: Bodyguard, Dirty Hands and Bloodline).

When selecting a playable character with this ability, by default the player will be able to pick the playstyle, however it is possible to force the player to use a specific playstyle by manually placing down the character on the map with the desired playstyle.

Each character has their own vehicle, acting as an end-level trigger. Therefore, one must be placed in every level so the level can be completed.

Enemies Edit

Main article: Enemy Behaviour
Enemy Behaviour

Enemy Behaviour options in the level editor.

Various types of enemies and their behaviours can be selected in the Level Editor, enemies can have the following behaviours:

Static: Stands still until the player is within their line of sight, not alerted by gunfire.

Patrol: Makes a 90 degree turn left when their path is obstructed.

Random: Walks around randomly, occasionally stopping.

Idle: Stands still until the player is within their line of sight, not alerted by gunfire.

Dog: Always patrols, moves along walls if possible.

Thug: Always patrols.

Dodger: Stands still until alerted by the player, unlike other static enemies they can be alerted by gunfire.

Bosses are not available in the Level Editor.

Enemy Factions Edit

Various factions of enemies are also available in the Level Editor, playable characters can only fight enemies that they have sprites for. The Mafia, Gang, Colombian, Police, Soldiers, and Guards factions are available by default in the Level Editor. Currently, the Prisoner and Hallucinatory Demon factions are not available in the Level Editor.

Level Design Edit

The Level Editor allows level designers to place various objects to design levels, the types of objects available are:

Floors: Floor tiles make up the base of the level, providing the player with multiple types of floor patterns and color subsets.

Walls: Walls are used to block movement, projectiles, and enemy line of sight, like floors these are used in every level.

Door: Doors act as a way to move between rooms. They act as walls until opened..

Glass: Glass, being transparent, blocks movement, but still allows the passthrough of projectiles and provides a line of sight., glass is often used to allow enemies to see the player from another room.

Items: Items are decorative assets that are usually used to make levels look more realistic, while most do not have any effect on gameplay, some do block movement.

Weapons: Called 'Misc' in the editor, weapons can be placed around the level for the player to use, only weapons the player character has sprites for can be placed.

Community Content Edit

Content Dumps Edit

Levels and Custom Assets (by Character) Edit

Sprites Edit

- Enemy Reskins:

--1. Mafia Mods

--2. Gang Mods

--3. Police Mods

--4. Colombian Mods

--5. Guard Mods

--6. Soldier Mods

--7. Misc. Faction Mods

- Faces:

VHS Covers Edit

Weapons Edit

Music Edit

-1. General Music Mods

-2. Campaign Soundtracks

Miscellaneous Edit

-1. Blood and Effects

-2. Walls and Tiles

-,3. Weapons

-4. Cars and Other Vehicles

-5. Items, NPCs, and Large Compilations

Raw Assets and Tools: Edit

Alpha Features Edit

NOTE: The alpha version of the editor is incomplete. As such, it is no longer updated and lacks features and bug fixes the beta editor has. Use at your own risk.

  • Selecting Manny Pardo, Jake, Evan, and sometimes The Fans will result in the level completely crashing.
  • A lot of items aren't finished.
  • Many Items will crash the game, when selected.
  • Many Walls from the games are not available. (ie, white brick walls, or indestructible mirrors/windows)
  • Corner wall textures for the Sewer Walls, Wood Walls, and Movie Set Walls will not be placed.
  • If too many walls are added, the game will crash.
  • Many tiles from both games are also not available.
  • The guns tab does not have any weapons that can be placed.
  • Triggers can not be made. (For example, the elevator explosion in Casualties, or the "Get the Girl" objective scene in Final Cut)
  • Lethal knife throws will automatically turn the sprite into a mobster.
  • No outro/intro/sprite editors.
  • No cutscene editor.
  • No campaign editor.
  • If you use The Pig Butcher, Richter or The Soldier, you won't be able to finish the level.
  • Saves made in the alpha build will not carry over to the full version.
  • The floor tiles tend to disappear while using the Rewind function and while renaming the level.
  • Some songs are unlisted, such as iamthekidyouknowhatimean's Run. Other songs are incorrectly labeled; for example, selecting Jasper Byrne's Voyager will instead play Carpenter Brut's Le Perv, and Scattle's Bloodline is listed as Pursuit.
  • If the player lowers the volume while in a level, the game will crash.
  • Adding doors will occasionally result in a crash.
  • If player replays the level the floor tiles will disappear, leaving only walls, items and enemies.

Beta FeaturesEdit

  • Create new scenes/levels for the game including furniture, enemies, weapons, and NPCs.
  • Custom intros, outros, and cut-scenes for levels.
  • Custom campaigns.
  • Custom VHS covers for levels.
  • A maximum of 7 floors/areas per level.
  • Unlocked floor transitions. (No longer locked by location; can spawn the character anywhere within the map when transitioning)
  • Locational weapon spawns. (Weapons spawn in the environment, rather than being limited to an enemy)
  • Character Implementation:
    • Biker: Has the ability to kill Thugs.
    • Jacket: Ability to use all his masks from the original game. (It's possible to restrict his mask usage to one or none)
    • H.M. Hammarin: The only character with full sprites for every enemy type.
  • Re-addition of the Drill, Pot, Silenced Uzi, Cleaver, and Throwing Knives as usable weapons - only usable by Jacket (first two) and Biker (last two)
  • Environmental Effect Filters:
    • Rain
    • Darkness
    • Daylight
    • Sunset
  • Dynamic backgrounds:
    • Standard (Red-Aqua-Fuchsia)
    • Jungle (Lime colored trees)
    • Storm (Maroon, Black, with thunder)
    • Waves (Purple-Aqua-Fuchsia waves, as seen in Dead Ahead)
  • Custom level borders.
  • Third-party mod support using the HLM2 Wad Explorer.

Accessing the Alpha Level Editor Edit

The developers left the old alpha version of the editor in the retail version of HLM2 and it can be accessed via exploits. A modded .exe containing the alpha build must be downloaded, and put it in the game directory. (Works for both Steam and GOG edition)


Transferring Alpha Levels to the Updated Editor Edit

If you're like everyone else that's made a level in the alpha editor and want to port your level over to the official build of HM2, follow the steps below. Please note that this method hasn't been extensively tested yet, and may produce unstable results. It's highly recommended that you make a back up of your level if you haven't already done so.

  1. Launch the game and access the editor.
  2. Create a new level without renaming anything.
    • During creation, set the beta level's character to match the character selected in your alpha level. The music you selected for either of the levels doesn't matter.
  3. Save and exit the level editor. Whether you keep the game open or shut it down is optional.
  4. Navigate to \Documents\My Games\HotlineMiami2\Levels\single. You should see a single folder with a bunch of random numbers, letters, and dashes.
  5. Open this folder and copy over everything from your alpha level into the beta level folder.
    • Don't copy over your alpha .hlm file to the folder. (If you did it right, then you should have something like this.)
  6. Next, rename your files to replace the currently existing files. Once done, access the editor and load up your game.
    • Please note that the creator name won't be yours upon loading up the level in the beta editor. This can be changed manually in the level selection menu. If your level name is still the original 'untitled', it can be changed without affecting your level's layout.

Adding Covers for Levels Edit

  1. Navigate to \Documents\My Games\HotlineMiami2. If the folder covers doesn't exist, create it in the directory.
  2. Add whatever covers you would like to use in this folder.
    • Please note that each cover has a size constraint of 34 pixels x 57 pixels and must be saved in PNG format.

Trivia Edit

  • During the beta editor's 3rd update, there was a bug that prevented furniture from being placed rotated; any furniture that appeared rotated once placed in the editor would revert permanently to its original rotation upon the level's next playthrough. This bug stuck around for the 4th update and was soon pruned in a hotfix following said update.
  • H.M. Hammarin is actually a real Swedish musician, and was added to Hotline Miami 2's level editor for players to mold their own characters out of Hammarin.
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