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The lead pipe is a very common melee weapon seen in Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, where it is among one of the most common melee weapons in the entire series.

The lead pipe is frequently found in the hands of enemies such as Mobsters in the first Hotline Miami, Gangs and Colombians in Hotline Miami 2. The lead pipe and the golf club often get confused, as they are visually similar, and function almost exactly the same.


Similar to that of the golf club, it is a blunt melee weapon that swings at a moderate pace, making it faster and much more reliable than the baseball bat. It's execution involves the playable character bashing an enemy's head in three times.

While not as fast as a knife or a butterfly knife, the weapon has a longer range in relation to that of the baseball bat, which is another reason why the lead pipe is a more reliable weapon in comparison to the baseball bat.


  • The lead pipe is the most common melee weapon in the entire Hotline Miami series due to the fact it is used in the first Hotline Miami and is used by the Russian Mafia in the first game, and Colombians and Gangs in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.
    • For a comparison with the other most common melee weapons, the baseball bat is also used in the first game but only by the Russian Mafia, and only by gangs and the Colombian cartel in the second game and the knife only appears frequently in the first game and the butterfly knife is not in the first game, making the lead pipe the most common melee weapon in the series.
  • The Russian Mafia no longer uses this weapon in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, instead, the only melee weapons they still use are the baseball bat, golf club, and butterfly knife. However, in the Level Editor, you can still place Russian mobsters wielding lead pipes into levels, and may pick them up and use them as normal after knocking down or killing them. This is the only time when Richter and Jake are able to use the lead pipe, as it does not spawn in any of their normal levels in the main game.


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