The Katana is a very fast attacking melee weapon that can be unlocked by gaining points.

Hotline Miami Edit

In Hotline Miami, it is a fast melee weapon that can spawn randomly in weapon spawns after being unlocked. It has a unique execution where Jacket slams the blade down onto an enemy's face.

Only The Bodyguard wields the Katana and otherwise, it can only be found in weapon spawns. The Katana has a reach greater than most other melee weapons. When thrown, the Katana will only knock down enemies rather than kill them.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Edit

The Katana returns in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, where it functions rather differently than it did in the first game. It attacks notably slower than it did in the first game. When used, the Katana is kept sheathed inside a sword mount, and is unsheathed when the player attacks before being sheathed again, similarly to how The Bodyguard attacks with her Katana. The Katana's execution remains the same from the first game.

The Katana can be exclusively used by The Son. The Son can start with one if his Bodyguard technique is chosen at the start of Seizure and Takeover. This Katana is presumably the very same one owned by The Bodyguard. The Katana is also used by Colombian Dodgers.

Gallery Edit


  • A similar looking version of the Katana is available as a melee weapon in the special edition of the 2013 remake of Shadow Warrior.
  • Despite Katana in real life being slightly curved, the Katana's in game sprite is completely straight.
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