The Kalashnikov (Russian: Калашников) is a common firearm found at weapon spawns and in the hands of Mobsters and Soldiers. It is also carried by Barnes in Casualties, and has consistently attainable spawns for Corey on her floor of Death Wish. It's also likely Mark will use one on his Death Wish floor if the player runs out of ammo for his MP5s.

Statistics Edit

It has a moderate rate of fire and a 24-round magazine. Compared to the M16, the Kalashnikov fires at a slower rate and with less accuracy, but with higher damage. It's much easier to fire off single shots with this gun than with any other automatic weapon, making it one of the easier weapons to manage ammo for.

It's very difficult to make an enemy empty all their rounds from an AK, with the notable exception of Casualties' third screen's power plant entrance. Here if the player paths their way behind the red-screened power monitors in the rooms adjacent to the elevator, the AK soldiers will have line of sight on Beard but be incapable of shooting him through the monitors. Essentially the player can stand here while the majority of gunmen on this screen fruitlessly empty all of their rounds into the panels. This method works in the Hard Mode as well and is a fairly fast and easy way to deal with the screen.

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Trivia Edit

  • The name Kalashnikov refers to Mikhail Kalashnikov, who designed the Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947, often shortened to AK-47.
  • Real life AK-47s usually use 30 round magazines rather than the 24 round magazine depicted in game.
    • This maybe a reference to the AK-112 from the Interplay Fallout games, which was a successor to the AK47 that used 24 round magazines.
  • The Kalashnikov in game has the same rate of fire as the real life AK-47 at 600 Rounds Per Minute.
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