Jones is a mask obtainable in Hotline Miami. The mask is of a crocodile and when Jacket wears it will add "More Gore", making kills and executions bloodier and more gruesome. This mask can be found on Chapter 5, Full House.


To obtain the mask, kill everyone in the building so that the "Go to car" message appears. Instead of going to the car, pick up the crowbar lying near the entryway and run around to the back of the building.

There will be a manhole which can be opened with the crowbar (simply walk towards it while holding the crowbar). Inside, the mask will be lying next to a mortally wounded man (Most possibly an agent of 50 Blessings). The man will utter strange phrases and claim that everything that is happening is only a dream before seemingly dying. Picking up the mask and finishing the level will also unlock the "Sewer Alligator" achievement.


  • This mask may be a reference to the Batman villain Killer Croc whose real name is "Waylon Jones". It also may be a reference to one of the developers, Jonatan Söderström, as it is found in the same level as the Dennis mask (a reference to Dennis Wedin).