Highball is a bonus chapter to Hotline Miami that was added in a patch. It's one of the two bonus chapters of the first game (the other being Exposed) that becomes available upon completing the storyline. The player controls Jacket in an attempt to storm a parlour full of arcade games.

On the Chapter Select screen, instead of portraying the level layout, it instead shows the ritualistic circle that is in the middle of the level.

After beating the level, Brandon Boyer of Venus Patrol and Wiley Wiggins, creative director of Fantastic Arcade, will speak. They're performing a dark magic ritual involving a dead woman and both lack irises and pupils. Watching the sequence with the Phil mask will produce a reference to Fantastic Arcade, where Hotline Miami was named "Most Fantastic".

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The upper half of the area is largely open to gunfire and enemy line-of-sight, making it extremely dangerous for the player at almost all times. The Peter mask can help the player take advantage of this clearance without immediately alerting the entire room to his presence in return, but the advantage is temporary at best.

Unlike every other level the game, Highball allows the player to leave the building after entering. Whether intentional or not, this allows the player to take advantage of the entrance doors as a prime source of cover during the early assault.

Additionally, completing this level will not result in any score tallying or mask and weapon unlocking.

Music[edit | edit source]

"Miami Disco" by Perturbator, which also appears over Push It.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The default character from Super Crate Box can be seen on one of the games in the lower left corner of the map.
  • The ritualistic circle is actually the logo of Venus Patrol.
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