The Golf Club is a very common melee weapon seen in Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, where it is among one of the most common weapons in the entire series. Golf Clubs are only necessarily wielded by Mobsters, and are commonly found in Weapon Spawns.

Due to how similar it's appearance is and how both weapons function, it is often mistaken for the Lead Pipe.

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Similar to that of the Lead Pipe, it is a blunt melee weapon that swings at a moderate pace, making it faster and much more reliable than the Baseball Bat. It's execution involves the playable character bashing an enemy's head in three times.

In Neighbors, Jacket can perform a unique execution on Biker with the Golf Club, by standing in the standing posture used for playing golf, and swipes Biker's head apart in a single swing. The Son also uses an identical execution to this when performed on Colombians.

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  • The Golf Club's standard execution is shared with the Lead Pipe and the Baseball Bat's executions.
  • This weapon is used to surreally kill two player characters: Biker's "death" in Jacket's coma dream and Mark's mortal head wound in Apocalypse's hallucination sequence.
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