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The Gang Leader is character and an antagonist featured in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, where he is a minor boss that appears in Act 4 Scene 1, Subway.


Upon entering the third area, he will be seen spray painting (Assumed to be their gang mark) over a subway map and will say "Heh, heh, heh. This is our turf now, boys! Let's tear it up!"

He will then begin to patrol the area on a set path. If Evan is seen by the leader at any point, he will begin hitting his Pipe on the ground signaling most of the punks to where you were spotted in an attempt to overwhelm the player.

Despite his dangerous ability to alert enemies to your presence, he will never attack the player and will stay immobile continuously banging his pipe against the floor until you're out of sight. Because of this, he can easily be knocked out with a single hit.


The Gang Leader, unlike his fellow accomplices, has many notable physical features. He has medium-long brown hair with his fringe dyed a neon green colour. He has an inverted cross-shaped tattoo underneath his eye with a cross-shaped earring on his ear, and two large ring piercings on his bottom lip. He wears sunglasses, a dark green jacket with a lighter green hoodie underneath and blue jeans torn at knee-level.


The achievement "DEAD SILENT" can be obtained by killing/incapacitating all gang members before the leader notices you, or knocking him down via throw before he can hit the ground with his pipe, afterwards he can be dealt with to clear the scene.


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