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Fun & Games is the seventeenth chapter in Hotline Miami. It is the second chapter of Part Five: Answers and the second chapter in Biker's storyline. It takes place on May 16, 1989.

In this chapter, Biker proceeds to kill mobsters in a video game arcade and casino. The phone call in the intro to this chapter suggests that he didn't do his last assignment, and that he is on his last warning. It is the first and only job the player does for 50 Blessings as Biker.

Biker's Apartment[]

  • Computer desk with several sticky notes.
  • Aquarium
  • Zebra striped bed with pink pillows.
  • Pink underwear on floor by bed.
  • Keytar on floor by bed.
  • Cyan dyed tiger pelt
  • Green skateboard by front door.
  • Black tile bathroom, black carpeting, black wood floors.
  • Black toilet and sink with pink faucet and bowl.
  • Black bathtub is full.
  • Cyan plant by front door.
  • Stuffed tiger in living room.
  • Black sofa facing white TV and VCR system
  • Glass coffee table with 50 Blessings pamphlets and one neatly closed pizza box.
  • Large LP collection and two turntables.
  • Black tiled kitchen
  • Purple-pink and blue phone base housing black phone.
  • Apartment building itself is well-maintained and purple-carpeted.

Phone Call[]

"Hello, it's 'Mark' from Miami drop off... It looks like you missed your delivery last night. We've got another parcel for you today... Please drop it off at SW 107th place. Our clients will not tolerate further delays!"


The first screen immediately door slams a mobster, but Biker has randomized executions with randomized amounts of involvement that can make combo-ing awkward. The upper floor is reliant on knife throws so it's preferable to save all three for it. A long hallway leads to a heavily-armed window-walled bathroom allowing for some projectile kills but punishing rushing ahead. An armed patrol and dog is along an alternate route itself surrounded by windows. To the right is a yellow pinball room with two armed enemies, only one of which is randomly moving. All windows are potential projectile kills. The common approach is to start off spooking patrolling and orange-room enemies from the pink room.


  • "It's Safe Now" by Scattle plays in the intro at Biker's apartment.
  • "Musikk per automatikk" by Elliott Berlin plays during the level.

Hotline Miami Fun & Games




  • Arcade machines of Super Meat Boy can be seen in this level.
  • A picture of a character from Super Crate Box can be found in this level.
  • A copy of the 50 Blessings newsletter, identical to the one Jacket received before "No Talk", can be found in Biker's apartment in the intro to this level.