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Mobsters, the enemy for the vast majority of Hotline Miami. They're fought in seven scenes of Hotline Miami 2, normally with some caveat like them not being lethally combat-able or them killing the player character at the end of the level.

Enemies are combat-able NPCs in Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which have to be killed in order to finish a chapter. Some enemies can only be killed in a certain way while others are vulnerable to everything. Bosses usually only have one means of killing them. The weaker enemies may also be killed by executing them. Enemies are almost ubiquitously hostile bald men.

Enemies can have varying behaviour, for more information see: Enemy Behaviour.

Common EnemiesEdit

Special EnemiesEdit

  • Dog (Both games)
  • Thug (Both games)
  • Waiter (Hotline Miami)
  • SWAT (Hotline Miami as enemies, Hotline Miami 2 as NPCs)
  • Doctor (Hotline Miami)
  • Inspector (Both games, Thug variant)
  • Dodger (Hotline Miami 2)
  • Heavy (Hotline Miami 2, Thug variant)
  • Heavy Ranger (Hotline Miami 2, Thug variant)

Hotline Miami Bosses Edit

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Bosses Edit

Enemy Factions Edit

Enemies in Hotline Miami
Normal Enemies Russian Mobster · Policeman · Phone Hom Worker · Teenager · Gang Member · Soviet Soldier · Colombian Mobster · Security Guard · Prisoner · Hallucinatory Demon
Special Enemies Dog · Thug · Waiter · SWAT · Doctor · Inspector · Dodger
Bosses Producer · Biker · Van Driver · Police Chief · Panther · The Bodyguard · The Father · Jacket · SWAT Chief · Gang Leader · Prison Boss · Mark · Corey · Tony · Alex · Ash
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