This is a noncomprehensive list of Level Editor levels and community assets for The Fans.

Single Levels Edit

  • CHOPSHOP , by driver-jacket (All Fans/Easy)
  • Haters , by pseudo310 (All Fans/Easy)
  • Community , by DinnaTenta (All Fans/Easy-Medium)
  • BRAWL, by driver-jacket (All Fans/Medium)
  • Foreclosure, by soupersrsbusiness (All Fans/Medium-Hard)
  • HOSPICE, by Kaebl (All Fans/Hard-Very Hard)
  • Nightshade, by TonyAbyss (Corey/Medium)
  • Street Trash, by Skunkrocker (All Fans/Medium)
  • REVENGE, by Roto the Fire Dragon (Corey/ Medium-Hard)

Campaigns Edit

  • Commitment, by Willkwi (Corey, All Fans/5 levels/Medium-Hard)
  • Crime Wave, by Signalmax (All Fans/4 levels/Medium)
  • Biggest Fans, by parrotcarrot (Pig Butcher, All Fans/5 levels/Medium-Hard)
  • True Friends , by tony-chan (Mark/1 level/Easy)
  • End Times, by YossarianAssyrian (Son, Mark, Brandon, All Fans/4 levels/Medium-Hard)
  • WILD THING, by DOOM624 (Corey/3 levels/Hard)

Mods Edit

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