Earl is a mask obtainable in Hotline Miami. The mask is of a walrus and wearing it allows Jacket to survive two bullets. Earl belonged to another 50 Blessings operator; a man found dead in chapter 2 who inadvertently failed his mission. The member appears to have died from several beatings and had a car battery attached to his genitals.

In Hotline Miami 2's Level Editor, Earl and Rufus are both able to survive three bullets.


This mask can be found on a dead body on the second floor in Chapter 2, Overdose.

Trivia Edit

  • Earl's dead body can also be found on the new bonus map "Exposed", including the mask if you haven't collected it already. This is the same for the masks "Jake" and "Carl"
  • Earl is very similar to the Rufus mask in that they can both survive bullets, however Rufus can only survive a single bullet as opposed to this mask's two.
  • Both Earl and Rufus are unable to survive Biker throwing his cleaver.

The body slumped over the table is where you can find the Earl Mask.

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