Don Juan is a mask in Hotline Miami. The mask is of a horse and when worn, makes Jacket's door slams lethal, where they would normally knock down enemies by default.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Don Juan is also the mask of the visitation persona.
  • This mask seems to be linked to the Girlfriend, as supported by the image on the box art of a female figure wearing the mask.
  • It also provides a score of 2,200 (as opposed to the normal 600) when performing a ground kill against the wall.
  • Don Juan can be very effective for getting high scores because of its large bonus for wall executions.
  • A Don Juan-masked thug appears in Evan's bonus scene the Abyss, and alludes to a secret pact Evan made to not report on 50 Blessings.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The mask's name likely references the Spanish, fictional libertine of the same name who was renowned for his skills of seduction and his hypersexuality.  The term 'Don Juan' is also Spanish slang for 'womanizer.'
  • Don Juan may also be a reference to the actor who played 'Sonny' in Miami Vice, Don Johnson.
  • In the game PAYDAY 2, there is a wearable Don Juan mask that has a "protip" in the description. The tip says the mask provides 2200 points when performing ground executions against a wall.
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