Don Juan is one of the three internal voices Jacket occasionally visits during his coma dream in Hotline Miami. She is depicted as a blue-lit woman wearing a horse mask, and her sexual name implies she's how Jacket views intimacy with women like The Girl. She politely comforts Jacket and often pushes him away from Richard's reality checks, and serves as a foil to Rasmus' harsh hostility.

She is seen with two other masked internal voices:

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Dialogue Edit

Upon First Meeting:

"And who do we have here? Oh, you don't know who you are..? Maybe we should leave it that way?"

"Do you really want me to reveal who you are? Knowing oneself means acknowledging ones actions. As of lately you've done some terrible things..."

Second Visit:

"Oh, it's you again... It looks like you've been busy since we last met."

"A picture is starting to take form here... I wonder if it's accurate. Some pieces don't quite seem to fit. Or maybe I just don't like the way it looks."

Third Visit:

"So, you came back? How are you feeling? You look ill... Maybe you should see a doctor?"

"If you're not feeling well, maybe you should rest? Some things work out best when you don't try so hard. No matter who you are, bearing too much weight... Inevitably leads to the collapse of everything."


  • A Don Juan-masked hobo makes a short appearance to Evan in his The Abyss in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. When they talk to Evan, they insist Evan (or possibly some official or 50 Blessings representative) made a deal to ignore their squatting in the bunker, paralleling the advice to Jacket to actively ignore reality and focus on base comforts.
  • "Don Juan" is the name of a fictional libertine who was notorious for womanizing ways and sexual conquest. His name has since been used to describe hypersexual people and womanizers. In reverse gender, this could be applied to The Girl, due to her supposed profession.
  • The Girl wears the same clothes as Don Juan in another picture mentioned above. Don Juan also sits the same way as The Girl on Jacket's sofa.