Dennis is a mask in Hotline Miami. The mask is of a wolf and when worn gives Jacket a knife at the beginning of the chapter when equipped.


This mask may be obtained by achieving a high score in Chapter 5, Full House.


  • In the post-level shop scene of Tension, Jacket can witness a random sequence in which a group of armed Russian mobsters surround a man wearing this mask not far from the shop's entrance. After a short conversation with Beard, the man is found beaten to death, with both the Russian gang and his mask out of sight. (see gallery for scene described)


  • The Dennis Mask is likely named after Dennis Wedin, one of the creators of the game, as Wedin also plays keyboards and sings in a band called FUCKING WEREWOLF ASSO.
  • Dennis makes a cameo appearance in PAYDAY 2 as a mask given to anyone who buys the "Hotline Miami" DLC and completes a certain achievement.
  • The Dennis mask makes an appearance in the intro of the level Down Under where a person can be seen wearing the mask behind the bar, going through the fridge


  • If used in AssaultJacket either starts with a Baton or enemies killed with the knife turn into Russians.
    • That's because a line of code wasn't done properly:
    • if global.maskindex=6 {if room=rmPoliceHQFloor1 sprite_index=sprPWalkNightStick else sprite_index=sprPWalkKnife ammo=0}