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Hotline Miami has 20 chapters. The Prelude and chapters 1 to 15 are played as the main protagonist, Jacket, and the remaining 4 are played as Biker. Two additional chapters have since been made available. Highball was made available in a patch, and Exposed was made available to PS Vita/PS3 owners, and was included in preorders from Get Games.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has 27 scenes separated in 6 acts, with the prelude as a pilot, the 25th and last scene as a feature film and an additional one as bonus content. The order of the chapters is non-chronological, as the developers chose to have them played in an order that serves the story's dramatic tones and themes. The chronological order of those events is summed up in the timeline page.

Hotline MiamiEdit

Part One: PhonecallsEdit

Part Two: QuestionsEdit

Part Three: VisitationsEdit

Part Four: ConnectionsEdit

Part Five: AnswersEdit

Extra ChaptersEdit

  • Highball (Bonus Chapter, patch enabled; Jacket)
  • Exposed (Special Chapter, PC/Mac/PS3/PS Vita/Preorder bonus; Jacket)

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong NumberEdit


Act One: ExpositionEdit

Act Two: RisingEdit

Act Three: ClimaxEdit

Act Four: FallingEdit

Act Five: IntermissionEdit

Act Six: CatastropheEdit

Feature FilmEdit

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