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Hotline Miami has 20 chapters. The Prelude and chapters 1 to 15 are played as the main protagonist, Jacket, and the remaining 4 are played as Biker. 2 additional chapters have since been made available. Highball was made available in a patch, and Exposed was made available to PS Vita/PS3 owners, and was included in preorders from Get Games.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has 27 scenes separated in 6 acts, with the prelude as a pilot, the 25th and last scene as a feature film and an additional one as bonus content. The order of the chapters is non-chronological, as the developers chose to have them played in an order that serves the story's dramatic tones and themes. The chronological order of those events is summed up in the timeline page.

Hotline Miami[]

Part One: Phonecalls[]

Phonecalls serves as a story introduction, it introduces Jacket as a depraved man who commits murders under the orders of mysterious phone callers and frequently visits his friend Beard, who seems to work at many places always giving free stuff to Jacket. This part ends when Jacket saves the Girlfriend.

Part Two: Questions[]

The Girlfriend lives with Jacket, slowly influencing his lifestyle into a healthier one. However, Beard starts to act strange and his stores are all empty.

Part Three: Visitations[]

Jacket's trips to the stores change drastically; Beard is dead and replaced by a mysterious unwelcoming man. Many undead mobsters who were slain by Jacket start to haunt him.

Part Four: Connections[]

Jacket is attacked by a man in a rat mask in his living room while girlfriend was shot dead in the other room. Afterwards he wakes up in a hospital, realizing that everything was a coma dream blended with his own memories. He finds his way back to his apartment, storms a police station in order to get revenge on his would-be killer, tracks down the heads of the Russian mafia and kills them, ending his story.

Part Five: Answers[]

Running concurrently with the events of Questions, Biker aims to find the truth behind the phone calls and their agenda.

Extra Chapters[]

  • Bonus Chapter: Highball (Jacket; patch enabled)
  • Special Chapter: Exposed (Jacket; PC/Mac/PS3/PS Vita/Preorder bonus)

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number[]


Act One: Exposition[]

Act Two: Rising[]

Act Three: Climax[]

Act Four: Falling[]

Act Five: Intermission[]

Act Six: Catastrophe[]

Feature Film[]

Bonus Content[]