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Carl is an unlockable mask in Hotline Miami. The mask is of a locust and wearing it grants Jacket a drill at the start of the chapter. This mask is the only legitimate way to obtain the drill.


Carl can be found in Chapter 8, Push It, on a dead body in the centermost room of the ground floor.


  • The drill used to give extremely high number of points and, until the developers patched it, it was possible to score an A+ rating on every level using only the drill.
  • Carl's dead body can also be found on the new bonus map "Exposed", including the mask if you haven't collected it already. This is the same for the masks "Jake" and "Earl".
  • Despite the patch concerning points, the updated version of Hotline Miami allows the drill to give 1,100 points. Players who very quickly finish levels earning high amounts of executions with the drill can still easily earn A+ grades.
  • Dennaton said that the fan made comic, in which Carl realizes what's going on and willingly gets shot on the dance floor, is canon to him.
  • Carl is the only mask to be an insect in the Hotline Miami series.


  • When the player is attacked by an enemy while executing another enemy with the drill, the weapon the player drops will appear as a crowbar.
  • You are unable to kill Dogs while using the drill.