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Beard's squad at the table, The Fans at the bar.

Beard's Unit, also known as The Colonel's Unit or the Ghost Wolves, was a US special forces squad deployed to the volcanic region of Hawaii in the Soviet-American War of the mid-1980's. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number features three levels of their missions with Beard as the player character.

Events Edit

17th March 1985 Edit

Beard's Unit attacks several Soviet Military outposts within the jungle and Capture several Soviet soldiers and a Soviet intel officer, who is killed at some point with a shot to the head.

25th October 1985 Edit

The Colonel is promoted to General and says to his unit that America can't possibly win the war. Beards Unit is assigned a 'Final Mission', which is to capture a resort being used by the Russians as a base that local troops were unable to successfully take over in a siege. After Beard's Unit takes over the resort D Company Commander congratulates them for managing to take over the resort that his men couldn't.

30th October 1985 Edit

Beard's Unit receives another 'Final Mission' where they are tasked to take over a Power Plant by themselves whist the local forces actively hold back, The Colonel responds to this by killing a panther, skinning it and wearing its face as a mask. On the next morning, Beards Unit assault the Soviet controlled Power Plant and eventually reach the Soviet General, who shoots all the engineers in the room with his pistol, sends the Power Plant into meltdown and then shoots himself. Beard's Unit tries to escape the exploding Power Plant but Barnes is killed by an explosion, which also incapacitates Jacket, Daniels is left behind as Beard escapes the Power Plant carrying Jacket out with him.

Members Edit

  • Beard: Operative, Deceased, Killed off action in the 1986 Bombing of San Fransisco.
  • Jacket: Operative, Deceased, Killed off action in the 1991 Bombing of Miami and Hawaii.
  • Barnes: Operative, Deceased, Killed in Action, Mortally Wounded in Power Plant Elevator Explosion
  • Daniels: Operative, Unknown, implied KIA, Power Plant Meltdown Explosion
  • Colonel: Commander, Unknown, possibly killed while or shortly after assassinating the US and USSR presidents.
  • Empty fifth bunk and emptied supply crate on March 17th, 1985; absent from October 25th and October 30th camps seen in other levels.
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