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Apocalypse is the final Scene from The Son's storyline, the 25th and final scene of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, and the final level of the Hotline Miami series. The scene coincides with the events of Death Wish, taking place on December 20, 1991.



The scene begins with The Son attempting to invite The Henchman over while Russian Mobsters hang out and play arcade games. When nobody responds, he throws the phone away, and takes some of the Mafia's new drugs. After taking two handfuls, Blue Lips advises him not to take too much. After taking another two handfuls, he starts to experience time slips and hallucinations and the Mobsters disappear.

The Son goes to turn on a nearby sink, only for it to overflow in what seems like an instant. A Mobster appears in the room and starts gesticulating nervously, likely trying to explain the situation. Another flash gives the Son a nearly-emptied shotgun, the media equipment in the room being wrecked and the Mobster being replaced by a blood trail out of the room. The Son follows the trail to find another Mobster leaning over the bleeding one, apparently either giving him CPR or eating him. The mobster then points at the Son as his head becomes engulfed with flames.


After killing several Flame-headed Mobsters and a Tri-headed dog, The Son enters a room with a Bear in it. The Bear roars and charges, and the Son quickly grabs a golf club and delivers a fatal blow to the creature's head. The Son then leaves the room, and is approached by one of his men giving him a Shotgun. This results in the Mobster getting shot and slithering away into a small room with Mobsters and bags of money in it, reenacting the opening to Blood Money. As the group drinks vodka shots, the scene cuts to them all dead, with the ammo counter for the shotgun down by a corresponding number of rounds. The Son shouts "Gotta get a grip!" before his facial sprite consumes the money and him.

The Son is then transported to a small glass room with a Magnum in it. A whinny shatters the windows, and a Zebra rushes into the room to trample the Son. He shoots the Zebra, which explodes into blood and a Miami Dolphins jacket. The black void around the room is then filled with the office space, the room itself containing several dead Mobsters and a Zebra mask.

The Son exits the area to a jungle-overtaken office space with an enlarged weapons case on one counter and a shotgun on the floor. He kills several gelatinous cloud creatures and tri-headed dogs before the shotgun evaporates in his hands. In a long hallway he stumbles upon another shotgun on a pile of dead Mobsters and picks it up. Continuing he encounters several skeletons near a cloud of darkness. A giant Tiger with an eye in its mouth peaks out, roaring. The Son backs away, causing it to charge. As he fires the Tiger disappears in a shower of colorful sparks.

The Son continues over the ripped-apart and writhing corpses of several Mobsters. He proceeds the roof with a fire axe in his hands. He sees two angelic statues glide over him and fuse into a huge two-headed swan monster over the helicopter pad. One head charges him attempting to bite him in half, while the other strafes while shooting fire from its mouth. He axes in both heads, causing the necks and body of the monster to explode into blood and iridescent colors.


After killing the swan monster, the Son walks to the edge of the roof. White birds surround a golden gate bookended by the angelic statues, a rainbow bridge extending infinitely behind. As he approaches, the gates open for him. He steps through and onto the bridge (falling to his death in reality), disappearing into the rainbow void as it engulfs the screen and the credits roll.


After the first round of credits, the scene cuts to December 28, 1991. Richter and his mother are in Hawaii watching a TV interview (featuring either Martin or Evan, depending on the choice made earlier) which is interrupted by an emergency broadcast stating that the presidents of the United States and Russia have been killed by a group of armed men led by a U.S. Army General, experts expecting this to be seen as an act of war.

Richard appears and he and Richter agree that good times never last. Richter briefly wonders if anyone's onto him, but slowly realizes that the situation's much worse than that. He wonders how much time he has, to which Richard replies that no one in general ever has much time. Richter realizes there's no reason to fight, that leaving the world isn't as scary as it sounds, and is obliterated by a nuclear detonation.

As the nukes fall, the final moments of Manny Pardo (barricaded alone in his apartment, drunk and pointing his revolver at his front door), Evan (either typing alone or eating reunited with his whole family), Midnight Animal actress Rachael Ward (drinking alone in her apartment), and Jacket (playing with a green stress ball in a sparse jail cell) are depicted, each carrying out their lives as normal, oblivious as they're wiped away.



The Son: [leaving a voice message on the phone] Why don't you swing on by and check it out, huh? [...] Hello? [...] Anyone there? [...] *click*

[The son hangs up and begins taking pills.]

Blue Lips: Hey, boss? [...] Take it easy on those pills. You shouldn't take too many of them...

Before fighting the Zebra[]

The Son: Gotta get a grip! [...] GAAAAARGH...

[The Son is inhaled into the Zebra room by his own dialogue portrait.]


[After the first round of credits, the scene changes to Richter and Rosa watching TV in a house in Hawaii. Depending on the choice the player made during the outro of Release, the show features either Martin Brown or Evan Wright as a guest.]

Martin version (If Evan decided to reconcile with his family)[]

TV Host: I'd like to introduce our next guest on the show. Famous from critically acclaimed films such as: 'Blue Ocean', 'The Calm', and 'Land of Tree-

Evan version (If Evan continued working on his book)[]

TV Host: So, Evan, what's your opinion? Do you think there's any truth to his claims of a conspiracy?

Evan: I couldn't find any substantial proof of a conspiracy, but my research strongly indicates that there might have been one. Hopefully my book will get people to start asking questions. Perhaps a more thorough investigation could be conducted on the future.

TV Host: You're implying that the official investigation wasn't thorough?

Evan: From the police reports I've seen the investigation was a complete mess. A lot of stones were left unturned, so many questions left unsanswered. I really hope we'll get to the bottom of the whole incident one day.

TV Host: And when can we expect to read this book of y-

Emergency broadcast and game ending[]

[In both cases, the show is interrupted by an emergency message. From this point on, the ending's dialogue is always the same.]

TV: *TZZZT* [...] We are interrupting the program for an emergency broadcast. The president of the United States has been assassinated. A press conference in Washington was interrupted by a league of armed men. During what appears to be a coup d'état the president was shot and killed. The Russian president was also shot dead in the chaos that ensued. The ring leader of the uprising appears to be a U.S. Army General. At this time, no official statements have been made. *TZZZT* Experts believe this will be seen as an act of war against Russia. They fear the repercussions may be severe. Stay tuned as we will be reporting live fro-

[Rosa reaches into her purse, takes a Richard mask and puts it on, turning into Richard.]

Richard: Looks like you've gotten yourself quite comfortable over here. You know what they say about good times, don't you?

Richter: Yeah. [...] Good times never last.

Richard: That's right. Soon this will all be over.

Richter: I had a feeling things would catch up with me. [...] Are they onto me?

Richard: Oh, no. This... This is much worse.

Richter: How long do I have?

Richard: You? You don't have much time. No one does.

Richter: There's nothing I can do about it, right?

Richard: No. By now there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Richter: Okay. No need to fight it then.

Richard: I'm glad you understand. [...] Leaving this world is not as scary as it sounds.

[A nuclear bomb detonates in Hawaii, killing Richter and Rosa among countless others as the ending song begins to play]


During the Intro, the song is "Interlude", by Chromacle.

During gameplay, the song is "Fahkeet", by Light Club.

During the level's ending and the first round of credits, the song is "Dust", by M.O.O.N.

During the outro, the initial song is "Around" by Modulogeek. After the broadcast is interrupted, the music changes to "Videodrome" by Dennaton. When Richard appears and starts talking, the music stops entirely.

During the ending credits, the song is "You Are The Blood" by Castanets.



  • The Tiger's mouth eye is likely a reference to the Evil eye in many early religions. It's also a hallucinatory conflation by The Son with Tony's real eye where his mask's eye-hole is ruined.
  • The manner of each of the The Fans deaths, as seen in the Outro of Death Wish when you control Manny Pardo, are reflected in the hallucination. The Bear's head is beaten in with a gold club, and Mark's can be seen with a head wound. The Zebra is shot in the torso, and Corey can be seen with a bullet in her chest, dying from her wounds. Although neither Alex or Ash is seen in the Outro, they are both killed by a headshot from the Son, the same way he kills The Swans, although it was with an Axe. Tony is the only one not critically injured. This is also reflected in Apocalypse, as no blood or corpse is seen after the Son defeats the Tiger.
  • This is the only level that, in Hard Mode, is not inverted. However, in the same mode, the movement keys (WASD) are inverted.
  • The Son's line "Gotta Get a Grip" and the unhinged-jaw stretched-mouth facial sprite for him quickly became a meme.
  • Although in Death Wish the Son is shown killing the Twins with a Magnum, he uses a fire axe to kill them in this mission.
  • Official Artwork in one of Hotline Miami 2's special editions features a gigantic tiger with an eye in its mouth screaming at a small, white suited man with long black hair. It's clear that this is a glorified version of The Son's fight with Tony in his manic state, from this level.
  • When selecting the level from the Level Select menu, the words "Don't Do It!" appear at the top of the screen and the words "Please" and "Stop" replace the usual Skip Intro? "Yes" and "No".
  • The outro strongly parallels the endings to both Doctor Strangelove and The Seventh Seal.
  • The Heavens' Gate sprite is bookended with the same style of angelic statues that bookended the entrance to the Colombian Boss' main office, as well as the hallucinated forms of the Swans before they fuse into one creature.
    • The Colombian Boss' hair was apparently dyed gold to signify his wealth, and it could be that the Son is conflating that with blonde-haired people.
  • Though the Son doesn't take revenge on Jacket, his last two kills are on masked blonde people, and his fireaxe likely indicates he's reveling in their deaths.
  • Despite not being a scored level, the player still get point for killing hallucinatory demons.
  • It's ambiguous exactly how much the Son understands he's killing his own men and committing suicide.
  • The Demon Dog is a possible reference to Cerberus, a monster of Greek mythology that resembled a dog with three heads, same as the Demon Dog.
  • The song's name of this level, "Fahkeet", is a play on well-known phrase "fuck it".
  • The use of the Rainbow "bridge" is a reference to the Nordic Bifrost, a burning (fitting due to the firey eyes of the demons and the son's hallucinations) rainbow
    HLM2 CE 3 1024x1024.jpg
    that was a bridge between Asgard (Nordic Heaven exclusive to gods) and Midgard (our realm) and is guarded by Heimdallr.
    • The Son going on the bridge to "Asgard" is most likely a joke on how the Son is now "Drug god of Miami"
    • The use of the bridge and the Son's Russian background maybe a reference to the Varangians, who were Norse (or Vikings) people who settled in the lands of Rus (modern day Belarus, Ukraine and south western Russia)
    • The use of the bridge is also a reference to Dennis Wedin and Jonatan Soderstrom's Swedish enthicity (Most caucasian modern Swedes are the descendants of the Norse).